Coterie Club offers a wide variety of
marketing services for any brand looking to
increase sales, build clientele, establish rapport
and maintain a visually superior aesthetic.

Website Design - One of the funnest parts of our job. Bringing a website to life  is an exciting and crucial part of online marketing. Your website  tells your businesse‘s story. People get a feel for personality on  social media, but come to your website to see the full package.  We‘re all about giving our 100% to create a website your company  is proud of. Aesthetically pleasing, rich in important information  & clear in its ability to convert customers into buyers.

They say content is king for a reason. In this day and age, curating quality content for customers, followers and prospects means being ahead of the game, staying true to brand integrity and walking in the shoes of your ideal customer and your ideal follower. We curate, share and create content for our clients 24/7 as our marketing strategy is built around it. We discuss your needs and work accordingly. Then we share, promote, interact and reap the benefits, whether that be building relationships, establishing rapport, promoting a cause, making a sale or plainly making someones day. We’re here for it all.

Our photography team is made up of individuals that are well equipped, have refined and mastered skills, and most importantly possess great eye. We have coordinated many photoshoots for our clients that have resulted in rich, compelling images that tell a story and attract clients. A quick turnaround time, and a focused team results in a smooth concept to development process. We offer new clients photoshoot specials to showcase our work and inspire trust in the process.
Key! Email Marketing is an unquestionable necessity in any business. Getting to know your clients, and updating them about promotions, sales, and news your company has is a highly effective way to stay relevant, attract customers and convert into sales. An effective marketing campaign turns prospects into buyers and one time buyers into repeat fans. We’ve done it once, twice, a thousand times, let’s do it for you.

So we built you website, we’re creating content, we’ve been posting on your social media. What’s next? The more your company grows in the digital world, the more responsibility you have to your growing customers and audience. This means consent website updates, interacting with clients and managing your brands reputation. Responding to praise and critique and painting your company in the best light. It’s not enough to have a static website and post content. Brand management is all about making sure the integrity and quality of your business is crisp and pristine. We are always monitoring, updating, interacting, growing and evolving with you.

Print design? Coming right up. Marketing means advertising on all platforms, whether that be digital or physical. Some of our  local clients utilize print media to advertise their business. This means banners, brochures, posters, promotions cards, coupons, and more. Let us know what idea and concept you are gong for and we design and print at a heavily discounted rate for you. One stop shop.
Believe it or not, never putting down our phones actually worked  in our favor. Constantly monitoring different social mediums  means we are hyperaware of new trends, new marketing styles,  what works and what doesn’t. Each company has to develop their  own unique look, feel and personality. Consumers today need  interaction and a realistic touch. Defining your approach and  curating content accordingly is our greatest gift. We have the  taste, finesse and humor to get people chatting about you and  what you have to offer. Let’s get the conversation rolling shall we.

Walking the walk and typing the talk. Copywriting is the act of putting together text to advertise, create brand awareness,  educate amuse, influence action and drive sales. We do this in the form of blogs, product descriptions, photo captions, print  media, email marketing and more. Blogs are a crucial aspect of copywriting. We use the blog section of your website to speak on  company updates, new products and general news. An effective blog uses key words and a compelling narrative that captures attention while also driving traffic to your website by ranking on search engines when similar keywords and topics are searched.

A crucial time to link and work with influencers both big and  small. We help connect your brand with influencers in your  companies niche that can help promote your business message  and product. This means getting our hands in public relations,  creating influencer campaigns, putting together PR boxes, and  in return scaling your business. Our teams work with social  talent on the appropriate social platforms to create engaging  content for your target market.

It took some time to find the right creative team to rebrand our online presence as well as our physical location. Coterie's team understood our vision and has continuously contributed in all the right ways.
As soon as i found coterie i knew i was dealing with unwavering drive and a mastered aesthetic prowess. We've been together since.
Coterie club has worked with us since our opening stages. They established our online presence and took it to the next level visually by creating an action oriented food lovers paradise.

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